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Published Papers:

  • Aditya Dasgupta, Kishore Gawande, and Devesh Kapur. 2017. (When) Do Antipoverty Programs Reduce Violence? India’s Rural Employment Guarantee and Maoist Conflict. International Organization 71(3), 605-632.
  • Kishore Gawande, Devesh Kapur, and Shanker Satyanath. 2016. Renewable Natural Resource Shocks and Conflict Intensity. Journal of Conflict Resolution 61(1), 140-172.
  • Kishore Gawande, Pravin Krishna, and Marcelo Olarreaga. 2015. A Political-Economic Account of Global Tariffs. Economics and Politics 27(2), 204-233.
  • Kishore Gawande, Bernard Hoekman, and Yue Cui. 2015. Global Supply Chains and Trade Policy Responses to the 2008 Crisis. World Bank Economic Review 29(1), 102-128.
  • GAWANDE, K., G. Y. REINHARDT, C. L. SILVA and D. BEARFIELD. Comparing Discrete Distributions: Survey Validation and Survey Experiments Political Analysis 20(1) Winter 2013: 70-85.

  • GAWANDE, K.,  H. JENKINS-SMITH and MAY YUAN The Long-Run Impact of Nuclear Waste Shipments on the Property Market: Evidence from A Quasi-Experiment. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 65. January 2013: 56-73.

  • GAWANDE, K and C. MAGEE. Free Riding on Protection for Sale. International Studies Quarterly 56. December 2012: 735-747.

  • GAWANDE, K., P. KRISHNA, and M. OLARREAGA. Lobbying Competition and US Trade PolicyInternational Economic Review 53: February 2012: 115–132

  • NEPAL, M., BOHARA, A.K. and GAWANDE, K More Inequality More Killings: The Maoist Insurgency in Nepal. American Journal of Political Science 55  October 2011: 886-906.

  • GAWANDE, K and B. HOEKMAN.  Why Governments Tax or Subsidize Agriculture Trade. In K. Anderson (ed.) The Political Economy of Agricultural Price Distortions. Cambridge University Press. 2010, 241-278.

  • GAWANDE, K., P. KRISHNA, and M. OLARREAGA. What Governments Maximize and Why: The View from Trade. International Organization, 63, July 2009, 491-532.

  • GAWANDE, K., P. KRISHNA, and M. J. ROBBINS. Foreign Lobbying and U.S. Trade Policy. Review of Economics and Statistics, August 2006, 563-571.

  • GAWANDE, K. and HOEKMAN, B. Lobbying and Agricultural Policy in the United States. International Organization, Summer 2006, 527-561.

  • GAWANDE, and A. K. BOHARA, Agency Problems in Law Enforcement: Theory and Application to the U.S. Coast Guard. Management Science 51, November 2005, pp. 1593-1609.

  • BOHARA A. K., K. GAWANDE, and P. SANGUINETTI, Trade Diversion and Declining Tariffs: Evidence from Mercosur. Journal of International Economics 64, October 2004, 65-88. [Reprinted in Freund, C. (ed.) The WTO and Reciprocal Preferential Trading Agreements. UK: Edward Elgar, 2007.]

  • GAWANDE, K., and P. KRISHNA, Political Economy of U.S. Trade Policy: Empirical Approaches. In: James Harrigan and E. Kwan Choi (eds.), Handbook of International Economics. Basil Blackwell, 2003, 213-250.

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